5 Reasons To Use Professional Retail Shopfitting Companies

When it comes to envisioning your retail space you very often have a perfect picture in your mind of how you want your space to look. For some businesses, you need to adhere to a strict brand guideline for your shopfitting. Either way, when it comes to creating the best, quality result for your shopfitting or retail design, you want to deal with a professional shopfitting service. Make sure your choice has relevant experience in shopfitting and retail design. Ask the right questions, view previous work portfolios and even speak to references.


Here are 5 reasons to use professional shopfitters to design, manufacture and install your shopfitting design spec.


1 – A commercial fit-out involves many important criteria. To ensure all criteria are met and designed to your expectation, professional shopfitters are required. They have access to the resources, skills and knowledge to execute your shopfitting requirements to perfection.

2 – Commissioning professional shopfitters takes the need for shopping for fittings and fixtures out of the equation. You will save time and money by having your shopfitters purchase all the required materials for you as well as the added benefit of knowing what works best and what is on trend.

3 – If space is limited and you require ingenuity when it comes to “creating space”, a professional shop fitter will have the know-how to utilize space in a way that is both creative and effective. This allows for more products to be displayed and increases your sales opportunity. It also allows customers to access products with ease.

4 – If you do not require a complete new shop fitting and are only looking to upgrade certain aspects of your space, you don’t have to close down shop and lose out on business. Specialist shopfitters who offer shop fitting & joinery such as 1UP Design – a Cape Town and Johannesburg shopfitter, are able to offer flexible solutions so you can continue to work while the work is being implemented.

5 – In conclusion, making use of a professional retail shopfitter with a good, solid reputation in the industry gives you piece of mind knowing that you are in safe hands. You can rest assured that once your project is complete, that your experience with a company such as 1UP Design is pleasant from start to finish. Quality materials and craftsmanship will be noted by your patrons and increase their overall experience when visiting your business.

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